Study it in Tokoname, Aichi, and, in South America Peru, is Lima; a ceramist working on ceramic art, a Web site of Hironori Kondo


Welcome to a ceramic art writer, the site of Hironori Kondo

How do you do? I am a Japanese Ceramic Artists. My name is Hironori Kondo. There are various kinds of style about my works, for example, Japanese Traditional style, Western Style, Contemporary(Modern) style etc…. In the City of Lima in Peru at gallery you will be able to buy my works. It is my hobby to compose music. I still continue doing new music since 15 years old. There are also various kinds of music style, for example, Classic, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Newage, Latin, etc…. There are no principles to create my works. I have been absorbing about any kinds of music. Ireally hope that you will see, touch, and listen my works in somewhere. And also i am sure that they will heal your souls in some or other way. I would very much appreciate encountering with you.Thank you. Hironori Kondo  

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